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ICV on the Radio Suisse Romande
Djibril Fall (right) involved in a discussion at the last General Assembly of ICVolunteers.
Djibril Fall (right) involved in a discussion at the last General Assembly of ICVolunteers.
Irene Amodei, English and Spanish translation by Isabelle Guinebault
02 July 2008

"The image of volunteering has changed a lot with time. 25 years ago, volunteerism was not valued in the same way it is today." Such is the message given by Djibrill Fall, sociologist and project manager at Appartenances and ICVolunteers, who spoke on May 14th, 2008 to Radio Suisse Romande, in "Rien n'est joué!"

He pointed out that in the past, a cliché portrayed volunteers as people with nothing to do who wanted to ease their conscience. Today, the action of volunteers is claimed by institutions. It is also a necessary means means to respond to a society increasingly struggling with the way the world looks. "Our society is said to be individualistic. We can only be surprised to then see a growing number of volunteer networks, even in poorest countries. Volunteers are everywhere, young and old," stated Mr. Fall.

Interviewed by Madeleine Caboche, Djibril Fall was asked to comment two reports dedicated to volunteering and put together by Lucas Thorens (The Dangers of Volunteering) and Lydia Gabor (Volunteers for the Insertion of Foreigners).

The Dangers of Volunteering, by Lucas Thorens:
Which is the place of volunteers in comparison with the job market and with the State? Is it an unfair competition? Is the State counting on volunteering to disengage itself of some of its responsibilities?

Volunteers for the Insertion of Foreigners, by Lydia Gabor:
Meeting with volunteers of "La Mosaique", branch of the association "Appartenances" which takes care of male immigrants in Lausanne.

To listen to the full interview with Djibrill Fall, go to

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