My participation at the Forum on Youth and ICTs as Agents of Change

TIC comme Agents de changements
Photo © V. Krebs. Oumar (left) involved in discussions during the Forum preparatory workshop organized by Francophonie.
Photo © V. Krebs. Oumar (left) involved in discussions during the Forum preparatory workshop organized by Francophonie.
Oumar Sidi Diamouténé, ICVolunteers and Youth and ICTs_Mali, traducción española Miguel Ortiz
29 September 2007

Oumar Sidi Diamouténé graduated as an Economic Analyst from University of Bamako 2006. He is one of the coordinators for the CyberVolunteers Program of ICVolontaires-Mali since 2005. Further, he is involved in a number of local and international technology initiatives and has co-founded the Youth and ICTs_Mali's project to enhance the rural sector in Mali through the involvement of young people. He came to Geneva in the context of the Global Forum on Youth and ICTs and shares with us how he perceived and lived this experience.

As the Youth participant from Mali, it was a great opportunity for me to attend the  Global Forum on Youth and ICTs, which took place from 24 to 26 September 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland. I have attended many forums and many youth meetings, but this one has been the greatest so far.

As the Responsible of cyber-volunteers of ICVolontaires-Mali, the occasion allowed me to meet other young people from many countries and working in a number of different areas around the world.

We talked about many sectors to enhance ICT (information and communication technologies) in our respective countries and fields of activity. I believe that human solidarity can be increased by these kinds of events across the world. We need to believe in ourselves as the youth that can make a change and we are able to do it now. 

This Forum encourages me in what I am doing in my country. I think Spider and ICVolunteers gave me a great chance to get more experience and galvanize me in my involvement as a volunteer.

Young people have good ideas on how to change their environment through ICT. We talked about it in a Roundtable session organized by the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie entitled ÍCT Applications for Informal Education and Youth Participation. 

There are many young people who want to join us but we must consider ourselves as the ambassadors in our communities. The network between youth activities is a great way to change lives and help those who are making change.


The main goal of each participant is to be at the front of their peers and share his or her experience. I got this opportunity during these days. I hope my experience can help another young people in their projects.
The session organized by ICVolunteers on Friday, 21st September 2007, was very important, as it showed in concrete ways how volunteers can help young people to build the bridge around the world.

Francophonie invited some of us to attend this Forum; we joined them to share our experience on ICT vulgarization, the knowledge transfer, cyber crime issues, the employability and e-governance.

I also joined some young people to report during other sessions and of course the market place.

I attended many sessions about many topics and I am sure these will help me to continue in the best way.


  • Allow the young people to implement their own ICT projects
  • Listen and assist young people in their projects
  • Facilitate the youth ICT project funding
  • Encourage young volunteers to keep these ideas and best practices
  • Encourage and reinforced the youth networks in the world
  • Multiplies the initiative of youth meetings


I thank especially Madame Viola Krebs who is the one best woman I met in the volunteer sector in the world. May the sun God keep her a longtime in this world to implement her dreams.

I also address my congratulations and great thanks to SPIDER which believed in Viola's project to allow us to participate at this world youth meeting. I hope this project is the first and not the last between SPIDER and ICVolunteers.

I thank all the partners which contributed at the successful of this Forum. Let us use ICT to build a best world for all of the youth.

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