Interpreters for Equi'sol

Caroline and Isabelle
Caroline and Isabelle
Caroline Fraisse & Isabelle Guinebault
08 April 2008

We volunteered through ICVolunteers as interpreters for the 1st European Fair Trade Fair organised with the partnership of Equi'sol (1 - 3 February 2008, Lyon, Villeurbanne, France), for which we worked as volunteer translators all year long depending on their needs.

We came to Lyon especially for the show and had the opportunity to work on almost all conferences as simultaneous or consecutive interpreters. We learned a lot from this experience, not only on a professional level, getting more experience, but also on a personal level, getting interesting information during conferences, having direct access to the speakers, discovering the complexity of the organisation of such an event, with exhibitors and speakers coming from all around the world.

We were impressed to notice that volunteers, from the registration desk to the technical staff members, were doing such a great job, organising the Fair as efficiently as professionals. It has been a pleasure to work with willful and enthusiastic persons able to commit themselves and to roll up one's sleeves when it is needed.  

It was the first time we worked for ICVolunteers and we are really happy of the experience for different reasons: first, we met the coordinator Jay Wilson who is really committed and worries about the satisfaction and well-being of the interpreters. Second, the other interpreters who came from all Europe were all so nice people, really easy to work with and it felt good to know that we could count on each other during the three days of the fair, and third, we also benefited from high technology equipment. 

The team and the atmosphere were amazing, it was a rich and interesting experience, and we hope we will be able to participate in another event like this one soon thanks to ICV!

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