10 years with ICV

Ed Sackstein, traducción al español Miguel Ortiz
12 March 2009

Ed Sackstein, who has been involved in ICVolunteers since its early days, shares his thoughts..

My first contact with ICV came about at the time of its creation. I had already been retired close to 10 years and had been plunging myself into many different kinds of social and volunteer experiences, including some which I myself created. What attracted me most about ICV was its inter-generational and truly international character. Regarding the present social, economic and political evolution of our civilization, there will surely be much turmoil and suffering on our planet before things begin to become more constructive and hopeful. For me, volunteering provides experiences a sense that, by giving of ourselves, we have some hope in being able to influence, even if only a little bit, the future shape of our world. That hope can be quite contagious.

Sharing with others in an atmosphere without the usual hierarchical pecking order at ICV, has been most refreshing. Being offered ample opportunities to explore and propose new ideas, to participate in decision-making, and to meet new faces are among the reasons why I have been with ICV this past decade.

Be that as it may, I've recently decided to move on, as I follow my inner promptings toward other horizons. But always with the inner sense of an eternal volunteer, anxious to do what I can to help others. No doubt my ICV years have contributed some in accompanying me along the road to where I now find myself.

I suspect that with the current global financial melt-down, organizations as ICV will be involved in exploring unexpected new pathways and roles, as society seeks a new equilibrium and more human (as opposed to institutional) responses during these times of upheaval and transition toward a more equitable world.

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