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Maria Luisa Araneta
I am interested in expanding my horizons by seeing new challenges in an international environment and in different field after many years of working directly with people of individual differences in the way of diversity of experience I have worked. I have commitment in my implemented goals and a wide visions to offer.I have enjoyed a reputation of an efficient, flexible and well-rounded academic educator and have a knack for immediately establishing a good rapport with co- worker especially in my department. My academic background and professional experience can contribute in which way or the other to the vision of your organization. My accomplishment did not circulate only in teaching I also managed to assessed including current and future staffing needs, overseeing allocations of financial resources, and managing budgetary process which is part of my duty and responsibility as an English Department Head.
— Maria Luisa, Switzerland
Sae Ochi
Hi, I am an intern working at the WHO from Feb to May 2013. My background is a medical doctor in Japan, and I am now working at the department of Emergency and Disaster Risk Management and prepareing for the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2013.
— Sae, United Kingdom
Chibueze Victor Udemba
Chibueze Victor Udemba was born in Lagos Nigeria. Moved to Switzerland to further his education. He has travelled to various countries like Ghana, Benin Republic, Holland, Germany, Spain, France, e.t.c. visiting this countries has made me know more about their different culture and how the people behaves. My bi-cultural background and focus on community collaboration has led me to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. Chibueze is a student of European University, and currently studying International Relations in Geneva, and his dream is to work for the UN or it's Intenational Agencies. I reside in Bern Switzerland. Also I love sport, and I play football for FC Bern. © Victor
— Chibueze Victor, Switzerland
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