Ouladnagim and Shindouk's Website

15 February 2006

The Ouladnagim Tuareg community of Timbuktu has now its own website: http://www.shindouk.org. It has been created by CyberVolunteers and presents the Ouladnagim community and its project, among which the "Desert School" project.

This Berabish tribe has Berber origins and is part of the Tourag community. Its members live in a nomad camp, 120 km north of Timbuktu, on the Salt Caravan trails of Taoudenit (Azalai). The community's main activities are female camel breeding, the Azalai and the transport and trade of salt carried by camel.

It is his critical and visionary testimony about information technologies that led Shindouk to participate in the World Summit on Information Society, where his documentary film titled "Something out of Nothing" was shown at the Cyberfestival of local contents.

Since then, ICVolunteers keeps on providing support to Shindouk and his community.

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