World Summit Award (WSA) new partner of ICV

Traducción española Ana Beltran
31 August 2008

World Summit Award (WSA) and ICVolunteers recently signed a partnership agreement.

WSA is a global initiative to select and promote the world's best in e-Content and creativity. Started as part of the UN World Summit on the Information Society ( (WSIS), more than 160 UN member states are participating in the bi-annual contest, making it the most global activity of its kind. It involves professional organizations, business networks, government agencies and eminent experts from all continents and sees the bridging of the digital divided and narrowing of the content gap as its overall goal. In highlighting outstanding Internet content and applications around the world, the World Summit Award is helping civil society organizations, policy makers and businesses everywhere to harness the potential of ICT for empowering people and promoting development (

WSA is an activity carried out by the International Center for New Media-ICNM, a registered non-profit public association in Salzburg, Austria. 

The purpose of the collaboration agreement between WSA and ICV is to leverage each organization's expertise which are complementary in many ways. It aims also to carry out joint efforts in order to support each other.

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