Enquiry: Volunteering and Technologies

Your voice matters… tell us what you think!
Photo © P. Cassola
Photo © P. Cassola
17 April 2011

Tell us how you use technologies and what kinds of services you would like ICVolunteers and its CyberVolunteers Program develop in the future!

Internet technologies are inevitably influencing our lifestyles and impacting an increasing number of functions in our lives. In this virtual world everything is possible. We can do Christmas shopping or meet Woody Allen fans from the other end of the globe or… become somebody else. But by joining the Internet community, we can also help change people's lives.

That is how the idea of cybervolunteerism was born. Today, ICVolunteers is particularly keen to promote the meaningful use of modern information technologies for knowledge sharing.

With this perspective, we would like to introduce new functionalities and activities, but would first like to understand what role the Internet is playing in the daily lives of the volunteers and members of our network. We are interested to see for which purposes you use it and how often? What are your suggestions in terms of our online services?

Participate and tell us how you use technology! Click here to fill our questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes!

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