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E-TIC: call for illustrations

Illustration by Abdou Kane Ndaw
Illustration by Abdou Kane Ndaw
Diego Beamonte, traduction française Olga Kouessi, traducción española Luz Martinez
19 July 2012

The E-TIC program of ICV is looking for skilled artists and illustrators to participate in a communications campaign in West Africa.

ICV’s E-TIC program focuses on activities in both Mali and Senegal, providing tools and training components to small farmers, herders and fishermen. A local awareness campaign developed for the past two years was aimed at local families in order to spread information, share experiences and demonstrate the best methods of agriculture, herding and fishing. The plan was also to show videos and work with various illustrators to explain in simple and visual ways things that are otherwise being overcomplicated, and leaflets translated to the local languages will be distributed.

We invite everyone to get involved in this creative and artistic campaign by sending us your drawings. You don’t have to be a world class painter to illustrate a simple message; the best ways of communication are the most basic ones. You can contribute by selecting any of the following topics:

  • Different pesticides and fertilizers used in West Africa, including their specific dangers and impact on humans, animals, soil and water;
  • Crop rotation;
  • Intercropping;
  • How to get rid of weeds organically;
  • Dumpsters and their impact on air, rain, fields and the environment in general.
  • Water management and choosing crops on water availability. How to control irrigation to use water efficiently.

In order to participate, send us your drawings at along with your:

  • Name and last name
  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Profession

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask. Send us an email at or call us at +41 22 800 14 36.

In order to find out more about E-TIC, visit

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