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Ethical Fashion Survey

28 August 2012

ICVolunteers is currently involved in an ethical fashion project developed in connection with Ghana.

The main objective of this project is to promote fair trade and an ethical fashion approach between Swiss and international retailers and micro-producers from marginalized communities in Ghana.

In collaboration with the University of Geneva, we are currently conducting a survey to determine the best strategy to adopt in order to promote these ethical fashion products. Given it is the consumer, meaning you, who determines what kind of approach works and what approach does not, we would greatly appreciate your input.

Have you every bought a 'ethical fashion' product? Why did you do so? What is most important for you when choosing a product (its price, style,..)?

We thank you for taking a few minutes to answer our questions (5-10 minutes). The questionnaire is currently available in English, French and German (see links below).


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