Inauguration ICV Arcade

31 January 2013

ICV is starting a new chapter: on 31st January 2013, ICV Arcade, located on 106, rue de Carouge, in the heart of Geneva, was inaugurated.

The Arcade will be ICV's meeting place for volunteers and representatives of organizations. "We want the Arcade to become a space where different social, artistic and musical networks can intersect and feed off each other. The Arcade is a really dynamic and exciting project – and we’re working with friends of ICV who are helping to shape our program of events over the coming months – ‘life is hands-on’ is the ICV motto, and this project is walking the talk," said ICV's Director, Viola Krebs.

The evening was a moment to meet old friends and get to make new ones. On the program, the Hideaways, a band which, as the name suggests, is hard to pin down, but comes out to play when fun tunes and funky rhythms are needed. They eschew styles and categories for an eclectic range of songs spanning six decades of pop music. If you're lucky you can even hear a couple of original compositions in their set, or maybe more if you’re unlucky. Their traditional bass, guitar and drums line up is augmented by a hot trombone, for reasons still to be fathomed.

See the photos of the evening or visit the ICV Arcade website.

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