GreenGames: A workshop designed for everybody

GreenVoice workshop at the ICV Arcade
GreenVoice workshop at the ICV Arcade
By Isabela, Helena and Nuria; English version Lara Gasztowtt, versión española Patricia Bueno
23 August 2013

"Do you know how to choose the toys that are most adapted to your children and that are environmentally friendly?" This was the question ICVolunteers asked the parents and grand-parents who attended with their children the GreenGames Workshop at the ICV Arcade on 26 June 2013. 

The GreenGames project is part of the organisation’s GreenVoice program. Its purpose is to make citizens, and especially young people, aware of current environmental issues. 

During the workshop, parents looked at different toys. They talked about the fact that toys may contain toxic substances, dangerous for children’s health, and especially that of babies, who like to put toys in their mouth. Some participants were surprised; an elder sister even said that she would “now be much more careful”.

In the meantime, some children transformed toilet rolls into music instruments while others created snakes with corks and ropes, and yet others made purses with Tetrapak packaging in a flash. 

These creative activities taught children and adults how to recycle different materials and create unique objects. Children finally exchanged their toys and learned that they could give some and avoid buying too many.

In addition to being informative, the workshop turned out to be fun not only for parents and children but also for the organizers.

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