GreenVoice in Paris

Environmental Photo Exhibition and Kids Workshops
By Helena Oswald, traducción española Shirley Aguilar Martínez
09 October 2013

About 30 photo panels from the award winning GreenVoice campaign of ICVolunteers are shown at the Centre d’animation Maurice Ravel in Paris. This community based entity not only is an educational facility for children, teenagers and adults alike, it also serves as a local outreach center to create environmental awareness.

The vernissage of the GreenVoice photo exhibition at the Centre d’animation Maurice Ravel took place on 6 September 2013. The selected images visualize environmental issues, provide educational messages and focus on sensitive ecosystems, as well as biodiversity in different regions of the planet. All photographs of the exhibition were taken by volunteer photographers, provided to address environmental related topics around the world.

The exhibition will be accompanied by workshops which will focus on teaching children about the importance of recycling. In order to provide a long lasting positive experience for the youngsters, these activities will also include creative tasks such as creating art objects out of everyday items like empty plastic bottles. The outcome of this group effort will later be displayed at the center, ensuring that a permanent reminder of this activity remains on site.

According to the director of the Centre d’animation, Mr. Dupuy: “The Centre d’animation Maurice Ravel and the education league are proud to host the GreenVoice photo exhibition and particularly glad to be working with ICVolunteers during the Fête des Jardins. This exhibition is a great educational event that will be leveraged not only in the Fête des Jardins but also in our project 'Rue Verte', trying to sustainably engage the Parisians in restoration of green space and beautification activities in the city.”

The expectations at ICVolunteers are also high. For Gregg Guillemenet, the Parisian office representative, the exhibition is very important as it represents a crucial step in a widespread campaign he is planning on environmental awareness within the city. Viola Krebs, founder and the lead figure at the headquarters, expects this GreenVoice event to be at least as equally well received as its former counterparts in Geneva.

Background information:

The GreenVoice campaign aims to raise awareness about environmental issues through photo exhibitions and environmental workshops. 

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