ICV needs your financial help

23 Febrero 2018

ICV is facing challenging times. Over the past decade, the environment for all non-commercial organizations has become more challenging, with subsidies and grants becoming ever more difficult to obtain. In spite of the commitment and strong volunteer support of many people, ICV is now in debt, and has to meet urgent financial deadlines. We are therefore asking you to make a donation that will help ensure ICV can continue to make its contribution to Geneva’s social fabric and to projects in a number of countries around the world.

About ICV and the work it does

ICV was founded in 1999,sparked by a need to manage the World AIDS Conference in Geneva. Over the ensuing years, ICVolunteers has enjoyed the outstanding leadership of Viola Krebs, and has been supported by enthusiasm and high-quality work from nearly 1,000 volunteers.

Originally focused on providing services for conferences and civil society events – communication, interpreting and accreditation – ICV subsequently developed into a network of volunteers active not only in Geneva but in various countries around the world. In Geneva, ICV is making valuable contributions to the very fabric of community across a variety of activities – linguistic support and socio-cultural integration of migrants to the city, protection of the local environment, socio-cultural and musical activities at ICV Arcade. The organization also participates in international cooperation projects which have helped foster community in a number of developing countries– for example E-TIC, AgriGuide, GreenVoice and Ethical Fashion. ICV has also been in the forefront worldwide of cyber-volunteering.

How you can help ensure the work of ICV continues

Today, ICV’s very survival is threatened. Over almost twenty years, the organization's work has touched and enriched thousands of lives. We want to believe that this momentum will continue for many years to come. For that to happen however, we really do need your help. Even a modest donation will make a difference.

We will greatly appreciate your donation, how ever big or small it may be.

Special event on Friday, 9th March 2018

To thank you, and to give you the opportunity to make your donation personally at the ICV Arcade, we are organizing a special musical event in the evening of Friday March 9th. In addition to live music, we will share with you something of the challenges faced by ICV and our plan to meet those challenges. The detailed program will be communicated in the coming days.

ICV consolidated management

Last September, an ad interim Board of Directors assumed control of ICV. It meets weekly face-to-face to determine strategy that will best ensure that the work of ICV will go on – and can continue to do the important work building social integration and solidarity in Geneva – and to contribute more widely through cyber-volunteerism and the promotion of sustainable, equitable projects in the developing world.

Please help us continue the ICV adventure – we are counting on you!

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