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ICVolunteers in Switzerland

ICVolunteers-Switzerland is the Swiss branch of ICVolunteers. Historically, the Swiss office is the cradle of the whole organization. It started in 1997 when Viola Krebs recruited the first volunteers for the 12th World AIDS Conference. Following this success, "International Conference Volunteers (ICV)" was founded in Geneva in 1999 to provide a permanent structure for our work. ICVolunteers-Switzerland recruits, trains and coordinates volunteers for non-profit conferences, events and projects. We also offer competent organizational and management services to events and projects. Read more...

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17th Bi-Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Gerontology

31 October - 02 November 2001, Geneva, Switzerland
Each annual conference of the SSG is placed under a specific theme. More...
United Nations Open Days

United Nations Open Days

27 - 28 October 2001, Geneva, Switzerland
UN agencies in Geneva will open their gates to the public on 27 to 28 October 2001. More...

International Day of Older Persons

03 October 2001, Geneva, Switzerland
Sorry, no summary is available.

VIII International Congress of the Association for Intercultural Research (ARIC)

24 - 28 September 2001, Geneva, Switzerland
The main theme of VIII Congress of ARIC is "Intercultural Research and Practices? New Fields, New Complexities?". More...

Technical Secretariat for the UN Commission on Indigenous Peoples

23 - 27 July 2001, Geneva, Switzerland
Sorry, no summary is available.
Preparatory Meeting of the World Civil Society Forum

Preparatory Meeting of the World Civil Society Forum

18 - 20 July 2001, Geneva, Switzerland
The World Civil Society Forum intends to facilitate cooperation among NGOs, Indigenous peoples organizations, the UN system and other international organizations. More...
Meeting of Cities to Fight Poverty

Meeting of Cities to Fight Poverty

21 June 2001, Geneva, Switzerland
Cette journée a pour objectif de présenter les pratiques de coopération des villes et collectivités territoriales qui s'imposent désormais comme une réponse spécifique en matière de partenariat au développement. More...
Concerts of CantareS

Concerts of CantareS

02 June 2001, Geneva, Switzerland
Three concerts of CantareS The Coral Iberamericana de Ginebra "CantareS" is a mixed polyphonic ensemble, whose principal objective is to disseminate the vast Hispano-American musical patrimony. More...
Training for Landmine Survivor Advocates

Training for Landmine Survivor Advocates

05 - 12 May 2001, Geneva, Switzerland
For several years the personal stories presented by landmine survivors have had a significant impact in reminding experts, diplomats and decision-makers of the human faces behind issues being discussed. More...
15th Press and Book Fair

15th Press and Book Fair

27 April - 01 May 2001, Geneva, Switzerland
The international book and press fair draws some 120'000 visitors annually. More...

Drugs for Neglected Diseases (DND) Working Group

02 - 03 April 2001, Geneva, Switzerland
Drugs for neglected diseases remains an urgent and so far unaddressed need in developing countries. More...

Violence against Women: the Role of Health Professionals

01 - 02 December 2000, Geneva, Switzerland
For many years, international organizations (UN, European Council, WHO, UNICEF) have been pointing out problems related to violence against women, considered to be a violation of human rights. More...

Course de l'Escalade

11 December 2000, Geneva, Switzerland
Sorry, no summary is available.

Samedi du partage

09 December 2000, Geneva, Switzerland
The volunteers involved are assigned to a supermarket, where they provide people with information about the project and receive donations. More...

Public Hearings on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

12 - 13 October 2000, Geneva, Switzerland
For the first time, the WHO is negotiating a convention that will legally bind Member States. More...

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