Nuit de la Science 2006

Image: CERN
Image: CERN

Project at a glance

Dates and Place

08 - 09 July 2006, Geneva, Switzerland


Department of Cultural Affairs of Geneva, organized by the Museum of Science of Geneva.

Project details

For the sixth time in its history, the Night of Science connects science and culture in the Perle du Lac Park. This year, the event will focus on the theme "Evolution? Revolution".

For a weekend, the Museum of Science History of Geneva, a subsidiary institution of the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, invites to dialogue, reverie and discovery. Visitors will have the opportunity to move around the market of knowledge, and experiment at leisure some 50 stands related to physics, chemistry, geology, history, biology, ethnology, neuropsychology, medicine or bioinformatics.

Why do planets move around the sun? Have mushrooms greatly evolved since their appearance on Earth? Is the Neolithic dawn a real revolution in Human History? How do our emotions evolve according to sounds and smells? Have Genetics turned Darwin's theories upside down? And how to explain the disappearance of 95 percent of the sea species 245 million years ago? Are viruses champions of Evolution? Is progress a tradition? And what about God?

There are thousands of ways of meeting knowledge and thousands of transmitting it and filling ourselves with it. Alongside the Museum stands, associations and academic departments, the Night of Science offers workshops for children, guided tours, exhibitions and of course novelty shows such as the strange ossuary of Professor Troubled, burlesque lessons from a duo of mathematicians, the vibrating testimony of shadow in front of light and the improbable meeting of a man with the ancestor of life on this Earth.

A great number of stands, shows and conferences will provide explanations and demonstrations about science. Within the context of our activities with the CERN and Software Without Borders, the CyberVolunteers Program will take part in the stand presenting the GRID (Global Resource Information DataBase).

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Volunteering Opportunities

Are you a computer scientist and/or interested in science and computer science? ICVolunteers is looking for volunteers to take part in the Night of Science and above all to run GRID's stand.

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