2nd Congress of the European Green Party

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Date et lieu

13 - 14 octobre 2006, Geneva, Suisse


European Federation of Green parties (EGP) and the Geneva branch of the Green Party

DĂ©tails du projet

After the NO on the draft EU Constitution in France and the Netherlands, the main goal of 2nd Congress of the European Green Party is to agree on a common vision on "A Green Future for Europe".

In a time in which climate change is accelerating, the energy crisis knocks on our doors, the European social model is at stake and now more than ever a response has to be given to globalization; the objective of the Greens is to exchange views and enhance cooperation towards action oriented politics.

Among keynote speakers of the Congress are Ruth Genner, President GrĂŒne/Les Verts, Switzerland, Ulrike Lunacek, EGP Spokesperson, Monica Frassoni, Co-President, Greens in EP and Micheline Calmy-Rey, Minister External Affairs, Swiss Government.

Since the beginning of this year, in preparation of the Congress, a working group has been drafting the resolution "Future of Europe".

The draft resolution was sent to the parties and the working group calls for amendments, which were to be submitted until 11th September. In addition, during this Congress, the new Green Charter of Principles is to be adopted, in order to replace the outdated 1993 Guiding Principles.

The event is being organized by the European Federation of Green parties (EGP) and the Geneva branch of the Green Party. Today the EGP groups 35 Green member parties in 31 European countries. It facilitates communication between member parties, Green Parliamentarians and Ministers. It coordinates Green European policy and supports small Green parties in order to strengthen the Green political movement in Europe as a whole.

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Possibilités de volontariat

European Federation of Green parties (EGP) had planned the event in English, without any interpretation into other languages. However, the event is being held in a francophone city and involves francophone speakers. This is why the Geneva branch of the Green Party got in touch with ICVolunteers in order to see if volunteer interpreters could be found to get involved in the event, moving it from a monolingual to a multilingual event. Interpretation is simultaneous from and to English and French.

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