World Federalist Movement Congress 60th Anniversary

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Dates and Place

27 - 31 August 2007, Geneva, Switzerland
World Meteorological Organization


The World Federalist Movement is an international citizen's movement working for justice, peace, and sustainable prosperity.



Project details

This is a unique opportunity to assist in the World Federalist Movement's XXV World Congress celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Movement!  The Congress is charged with forming the fundamental policies that will guide the work of our Movement as a whole.

As a Congress Volunteer you will assist in the logistics of the meetings, attend the Public Symposium at the Palais des Nations (Geneva, Switzerland) and the commemorative ceremony in Montreux.

This volunteer opportunity will allow in-depth exposure to the governance structure and work of a vibrant membership-based non-governmental organization, including our project on the International Criminal Court, the genocide preventive norm of Responsibility to Protect and UN Security Council Reform. In addition,  it will offer opportunities for interaction with members from all over the world.

Volunteers will report to the Executive and Membership Assistant.  Please note that some remuneration may be available for qualified volunteers.

Role of ICVolunteers

The involvement of volunteers includes the following:

  • Assist in the preparation, printing and distribution of Congress materials
  • Provide general support to the Executive and Membership Assistant and International Secretariat Staff
  • Assist with logistics at meeting venue
  • Assist in documenting (photographing, video recording, drafting minutes) the Congress meetings and Public Symposium (at the Palais des Nations)
  • Assist as needed during the meetings
  • Help with general hospitality
  • Contribute to the follow up report on the Congress meetings

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