The Future of Human Right Debate and the Environment

Our Responsibility: A debate for and by young people
Photo © T. Riesco
Photo © T. Riesco

Project at a glance

Dates and Place

17 April 2008, Geneva, Switzerland
International Conference Center of Geneva (ICCG)


Earth Focus Foundation, ICVolunteers, University of Berkley.


Participants will come from both schools in Geneva and Africa, through the Aga Khan Academy from Mombasa.

Project details

For the 60th anniversary of The Universal Declaration on Human Rights, Earth Focus Foundation and ICVolunteers are joining the University of California Berkeley (UCB) to organise a Round Table and Youth Debate on how to improve the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

The day will consist of presentations by experts on this theme, including Mr. Kirk Boyd from the University of Berkeley, California. Discussions between the students present, time spent with the experts. Followed by a debate on the subject, this will culminate in a mission statement to be shared with the responsible authorities.

To assist with the teaching programme that will lead up to the debate scheduled for 17 April 2008, in cooperation with the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), it would be of essence that the participants to the debate get familiar with the basic international instruments in human rights, as mentioned below.

To facilitate the teaching Berkeley's website: (International Convention on Human Rights Research Project - ICHRRP) is an excellent tool, since it contains all the international instruments as well as the proposed future document, in which "Environment" is one of the new rights, not singled out specifically in the Universal Declaration.

A visit with a presentation, for those students who will be debating, to the Office of the High Commissioner and to IUCN, Gland an be facilitated and organized Earth Focus Foundation and ICVolunteers.

Volunteering Opportunities

ICVolunteers is coordinating the logistics of the event. We are looking for volunteers to help with registrations, room supervision, reporting and interpretation.

Short Term Projects

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