6th Francophone Conference on HIV/AIDS

Resumen del proyecto

Fecha y lugar

23 - 28 Marcha 2012, Geneva, Suiza

Detalles del proyecto

The Francophone HIV/AIDS conference is held every two years, with the location alternating between North and South. This year the organizer, AFRAVIH (Francophone Alliance of Health Workers against HIV), has chosen to hold the conference in Geneva - as a French-speaking city but also as the capital of large organizations to fight against the pandemic - WHO, UNAIDS, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria and IAS. 

The conference allows key players in the French- speaking HIV/AIDS community to come together for knowledge sharing and discussion and debate of current issues.  The themes of the plenary sessions are:

  • Screening - issues and policies
  • Epidemiology and HIV: beyond the numbers ...
  • Eradication of HIV? Hope or Utopia
  • Funding - the time bomb
  • Inflammation and activation
  • Challenges in the West Africa and Central
  • Prevention and risk reduction and microbicides
  • Therapeutic strategies: News
  • Tuberculosis
  • HCV Co-infection and therapeutic perspectives

Oportunidades de voluntariado

We are looking for volunteers who speak French to help with the preparation of conference bags for conference delegates, welcoming services at Geneva airport, orientation services and room supervision at the conference centre, and help to facilitate an evening event in Geneva’s cathedral. If you are interested to participate in this event and if you have not yet registered on our website, we ask that you register at here.

If you have already participated in some of our activities, please email our conference coordinating team at volunteer[at]icvolunteers.org or call us at +41 22 800 14 36.

Proyectos a corto plazo

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