The Future of Human Rights Forum

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Date et lieu

10 décembre 2013, Geneva, Suisse

DĂ©tails du projet

Current human rights protection mechanisms are inadequate and serious rights violations happen on a daily basis. There is an urgent need for reform of the system itself. For this to happen, all stakeholders must be involved in the process particularly civil society.

The Forum is organized by the Future of Human Rights Forum (FHRF), in partnership with the Earthfocus Foundation and ICVolunteers. It seeks to identify deficiencies in the present human rights system, including Environmental and human rights enforcement and serve as a catalyst for much-needed reforms. Increased cooperation and coordination in national, regional, and global monitoring and enforcement systems are critical to the success of this effort. The international Forum will facilitate the process by providing a unique platform upon which top international experts, human rights defenders, independent journalists, corporate sector representatives, NGOs, and civil society can brainstorm on potential solutions.

To maximize impact, the 2013 Forum has a dynamic program. Speakers will briefly illustrate specific current weaknesses in the human rights system, with reference to their personal experience in field, and formulate possible remedies. The public will be engaged in a full participatory dialogue to assist in the process of prioritizing various ideas. Substantive, implementable proposals will be summarized in an outcome document.

Forum Key Topics:

Environment - Ending Ecocide: Raising awareness and taking action to ensure the existence of healthy ecosystems for future generations.

Justice - Establishing a World Court for Human Rights: Drafting a new International Bill of Rights, integrating rights protection into national legislation, and enhancing the rule of law.

The Current System: Shortcomings and Solutions

Contributions from Inter-governmental organisations, NGO's, transnational corporations, human rights defenders and civil society.

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