FAQ: Who can use our services?

1) Who can benefit from the services of ICVolunteers?

We offer our assistance to the organizers of non-profit conference or projects.

2) How to benefit from our services?

Please send us a description of your project, its objectives, as well as of the tasks to be carried out by our volunteers. You can also give us a call at +41 22 800 14 36.

3) What do we expect from the organizers?

Volunteers offer their numerous skills and goodwill freely. Therefore, we consider it very important that they be treated with respect and that their efforts be appropriately recognized. Furthermore, the volunteers must also be offered a safe and sound environment adapted to the local conditions of the location where the event is taking place. Suitable breaks and rest periods must be planned, so that the working hours of the volunteers do not exceed local regulations and practices.

Before any new project, we organize an information/training session for our team. This session provides a general overview over the project and gives details necessary to carry out correctly the tasks. Whenever possible, it is desirable for a representative of the organizers to participate in this session, so that a link between the teams is created right from the start.

4) How much time is required to set up a service?

This depends on the number of people needed, the skills required, the duration and conditions of participation. It is of course preferable to submit your requests as early as possible. This allows us, for example, to describe your project and your request in the newsletter that we send periodically to our volunteers.

5) Who are the volunteer interpreters in our network?

For our interpretation, we work with our international network of professional interpreters. We also work with a pool of students in interpreting and multilingual persons to whom we entrust certain tasks if we consider it appropriate. Depending on the context, methods include simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, including whispering.

6) What is the cost of the services of ICVolunteers?

Depending on the service, we ask for a contribution to cover recruitment, training and coordination of our team. In most cases, the organizers also covers  lunches and coffee breaks.

7) Can ICVolunteers refuse a project?

We reserve the right to refuse any project or task not in accordance with our statutes and general conditions. For example, we do not provide volunteers to replace security agents or to run a cleaning or waste disposal service.

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